Four Corners Pine Bark Nuggets Adds a finished look to your landscape Provides a long-lasting protective barrier around plants and over soil from spring into winter Helps suppress weeds by blocking growth and sunlight Aids in Moisture retention, reducing the need for watering Consistent particle sizes max of 4” in diameter Description Processed in our one-of-a-kind shaker machine, this all-natural pine bark comes from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. With a particle size of up to 4” in diameter, Four Corners Pine Bark Nuggets is our longest lasting mulch. Ideal for use around trees, shrubs and walkways. Pine Bark Nuggets help insulate your soil, retain moisture during the heat of summer and suppress weeds. Particle size up to 4” in diameter along with pieces of natural pine up to 4” in length More resistant to mulch decay Available in 2.0 cf bags 10+ 6.60 40+ 5.95


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