NATURAL CEDAR MULCH Green Mountain all natural Cedar Mulch is as fresh as fresh cedar mulch can get. It comes from the top of a mountain in Vermont and is all natural, real fresh cedar mulch; not like the chopped-up wood pallets sprayed with a cedar scent that you'll typically find elsewhere. It's packaged in big 3CF bags that are usually pretty easy to handle (we'll load you up here) with the delightfully aromatic smell of fresh cedar pouring from the bag. We have quantity pricing for buying 10+ and 40+ (45 bags on a pallet) "Consisting primarily of aged cedar bark with some cedar chips mixed in, our natural cedar bark mulch is richer and darker than what you'll find elsewhere. It's our best selling bagged mulch." -Green Mountain Mulch. Available in 3cf bags. 9 bags per Cubic Yard 10+ 7.75 each 40+ 7.50 each


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