"It's a Natural" Because It's 100% Organic! 10+ bags $7.50 each 40+ $7.00 each Leafgro® bagLeafgro® is a superior quality compost used extensively by the landscape industry and homeowners as a source of humus for soil improvement. Leafgro® is an outstanding example of recycling at its best. By composting leaves and grass clippings that would have normally been disposed of in a landfill, Maryland Environmental Service (MES) converts organic wastes into a valuable resource. The composting process begins in the fall when leaves are collected from Montgomery and Prince George's County and transferred to yard waste composting facilities where they are placed in windrows. In order to accelerate the decomposition process, the rows are turned and shredded on a regular basis. Beginning in the spring, grass clippings are added and the turning and shredding continues. After the composting process is complete, it is dried, screened and sold under the registered trade name - Leafgro®. Listen to Mother Nature: Leafgro® bag"When I call for rich organic compost, Leafgro® meets my standards every time. Think about it - my Earth has always replenished itself through the natural cycling of plant matter and other organic materials. This process provides nutrients and microorganisms necessary to enrich the soil. Unfortunately, the practice of removing organics from our lawns and gardens has disrupted Nature's cycle and burdened our environment with damaged soils. It's time to return to basics. Build soil fertility the way I, Mother Nature intended. Add Leafgro® organic compost to all your landscape areas. Leafgro® will replenish vital organic matter and beneficial microorganisms essential for the cultivation of beautiful and productive gardens and landscapes. For years I've watched Leafgro® delight nursery growers, landscape professionals, and home owers with the gift of glorious gardens. Nature needs a helping hand so use Leafgro® - 'It's a Natural'." Did You Know? Baltimore RavensLeafgro® organic compost has been used to enhance the landscape plantBaltimore Oriolesing areas around M&T Bank Stadium (home of the Baltimore Ravens) Oriole Park at Camden Yards and FedEx Field (home of the Washington Redskins). In addition, nursery and greenhouse growers have realized the benefits of high quality organic compost and now use Leafgro® as a primary constituent in various growing media. Contact Us Email Us Phone: (410) 729-8636 Toll-Free: (888) A1-HUMUS Fax: (410) 729-8640 For a list of retailers near you, categorized by state and county, please visit our Retailers page.


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