Our Driveway and Sidewalk Deicer Will Keep Your Pets and Children Safe in The Harshest of Conditions QTY discounts available { Pet Safe Ice Melt } When using a salt for ice and snow, make sure that is designed to help aid in not only the snow removal process, but also with you pet in mind. Our pet friendly snow melt is the best of both worlds! { Quality is Key } Our snow and ice melt won't sacrifice the quality of standard rock salt for snow and other winter salt products. Paw Protector dog safe salt melt melts snow and ice at temperatures as low as -22 degrees fahrenheit. { Keep Your Driveway Clean and Clear } Our ice melt for concrete leaves NO visible residue, unlike other pet safe ice melter products. Avoid excessive stains to concrete to maintain a cleaner appearance! { Concrete Safe Ice Melt } Melt snow with a product that is far less corrosive than rock salt and calcium chloride ice melt. Keep your concrete safer from cracks and other winter stresses. { Think of your Neighbors } When choosing an ice melt for snow always remember to use a pet friendly product to keep everyone in the neighborhood safe, whether they have four legs or two! { Works Fast } Our quick acting pet friendly salt melt works fast and efficiently, so you can keep your property clean and everyone safe around you with a worry!

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