50 - 40lb bags per pallet Pickup In-Store or call for Delivery Please bring receipt with you. Thanks! $340.00 per ton 3+ $335.00 per ton 5+ $330.00 per ton Hamer Pellet Fuel manufactures premium grade, low-ash pellets you can depend on. Our goal is to produce a high quality pellet on a consistent basis that keeps our customers coming back year after year. We work toward this by starting with clean, high quality hardwood sawdust that has not come in contact with the ground from our family-owned sawmills and local flooring plants. We perform rigorous testing on every fifth ton of pellets produced. The end result is a pellet fuel that meets or exceeds premium grade standards. Premium Grade Standards: For a pellet fuel to meet premium grade standards, the pellet fuel must contain: Less than 1% ash Less than .5% fines Less than 8% moisture content Bulk Density of 40.-48. lb /cu. Ft. For more information on premium grade standards you can visit the Pellet Fuels Institute web site.

$340.00 $379.00-10.29%

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Tremendously great burning wood pellets