Blue Emperor Ice Melt. Environmentally Friendly Ice Melter and Pet Safe Ice Melt Effective to temperatures of -15 Degrees Fahrenheit. Comes in a 50lb Bag. QTY and Pallet prices are available 2 for $18.00 / 4 for $34.00 / $322.00 per ton (40 bags) / 3+ tons $304.00 per { 3 modes of action } Blue Emperor enviromental snow melting salt is a proprietary formulation consisting of magnesium chloride, agricultural-based corrosion inhibitors, and sodium chloride. Great for use as sidewalk salt as well and driveway salt. { Less harsh } Earth-friendly ice melter formula using anti-icing chemicals CMA, designed to help create an environmentally and pet friendly ice melt product. Don't sacrifice quality when thinking about safety. { See where you are applying } Knowing where you have applied in your ice melt spreader is critical to maximizing effectiveness. Our blue color stands out in contrast to snow so you know you're hitting every spot. { Keep your home a property safe } Our outdoor salt greatly reduces corrosion of metals, concrete, and landscaping common when using straight rock salt or calcium chloride ice melt. { Fast-acting } Use a sidewalk salt for ice that goes to work immediately upon contact. Pre-treating surfaces will also prevent ice and snow from accumulating.

$10.00 $13.99-28.52%

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