Cultured Solutions® VEG A combines all necessary macro and micro nutrients in a pH stable, chelated form, ideal for high performance hydroponics and drip/drain to waste applications. VEG A offers plants the minerals needed in ideal ratios to ensure optimal uptake of the nutrient solution is achieved. Instructions Seedlings/Cuttings: 0.5-1mL per gallon, adjust solution to a 5.8 pH. General: 2-5mL per gallon, adjust solution to a 5.8 pH. Always use equal parts of Veg A & Veg B. Rockwool/Coco/Soilless: Refer to Cultured Solutions Drain to Waste Feed Schedule. RDWC/DWC/NFT/Aero: Refer to Cultured Solutions Recirculating Hydro Feeding Schedule. For recommendations not covered in the Cultured Solutions Feeding Schedule, contact support at – Recommended starting EC for source water should be 0-20ppm. – Shake Well Before Use. – Do not pour unused fertilizer back into the bottle. – Maintain clean measuring devices. – Store in a cool, dark area.


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