Terpenez Booster and Oil Intensifier Terpenez is formulated from all organic matter and is designed to assist the plant with the processes associated with oil and resin production during a plants growth stages. The producer of Terpenez is a company called Solis Tek, a distinguished manufacture of growing systems including grow lights and nutrients. What we like most about the Terpenez product is its all natural formulation. Terpenez has been formulated as a 0-0-0- product, which means that Terpenez is free of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. This is great because when using Terpenez you don’t have to worry about it disrupting your pH balance soil or grow solution. In addition to producing better smelling profiles and healthier cannabis plants and flowers, the Terpenez oil infuser product is also: All natural Vegan Compliant Can be used up to finish with positive results Can be replace your existing flushing agent Able to increase systemic pest resistance Able to increase cannabinoid production Able to decrease fungal pathogens and root borne diseases How to Use Terpenez Booster and Oil Intensifier When using Terpenez Terpene Booster and Oil Intensifier you can rest assure you will only increase oil and resin production, without stressing out your plant, no matter how you decide to administer. Terpenez is very easy to use and can be used throughout the grow cycle; however, most people use it as a flush prior to harvesting. Use 1 -2ml per litre throughout the flower cycle, ideal pH range: 5.8 – 6.4 During the flush use at 2 – 3ml per litre – ideal pH range: 5.6 – 6.2 Final Thoughts Overall, Terpenez Terpene Booster and Oil Intensifier is one of our most favorite up and coming products. It can be used by commercial growers and at home growers alike. Terpenez will result in an increase in the essential oil production of your plants, and should be part of everyone’s growing regiment. It is safe to assume that your priority is to grow cannabis that smells and tastes great, using Terpenez is a great way to achieve outstanding result in a cost effective and easy way.


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