Winter doesn't pull punches and neither should you. Let calcium chloride pellets do the backbreaking work for you. Our ice melt uses exothermic heat strong enough to cut through thick snow and ice accumulations. Little-no shovel required. What's great about calcium chloride is that the pellets are colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. Your golden retriever won't get a fever if they get a little too curious. And your landscape will look as perfect as it did before the storm. How perfect. Our pellets are available in a 50lb bag at a wholesale price and curbside pickup for an easy loading process. However, if you've got a rotary spreader, that's even better. Our perfectly shaped pellets work well with traditional equipment. Melts snow and ice 4X faster than rock salt Generates exothermic heat to melt thick snow and ice Works in temperatures as low as minus 40°F Perfect for inexpensive rotary spreaders Works perfectly for ice and snow on roofs $20.80 per bag 3+ discounted to - $$783.20 per ton, $19.58 per bag CALL FOR DELIVERY!


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