ALL PURPOSE STRAW New Seeding Projects Mulching Gardens and Roses Animal and Pet Bedding Easy to Spread – No Mess Packaging Weed Free Straw Great for Seeding Lawns Great for Lawn Spot Repairs A specially formulated composition of annually renewable wheat straw fibers that have been Heat and Mechanically Treated™. Our convenient to use straw product has all of the well-known benefits of the conventional bale of straw without the mess of transportation, handling and storage. This convenient to use all-purpose product is great for everything from seeding projects to pet bedding. The extensive manufacturing process provides a clean, weed free straw product for your convenient use in an easy to manage package. NEW SEEDING PROJECTS: Tested to be Weed Free Heat and Mechanically Treated Fibers Easy to Spread No Mess Packaging Enhances Seed Germination Moisture Retention MULCHING GARDENS & ROSES: Retains Soil Moisture Protects over Winter Suppresses Weed Growth Supplies Biomass to Soils Insulates Plants Increases Plant Health ANIMAL & PET BEDDING: Naturally Absorbs Pet Odors Easy to Use Great for all pets requiring bedding Reduces Dust Heat Treated, Free from Insects All Natural Bedding


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