Biodegradable straw rolls consist of 100% wheat straw, certified to be weed free, stitched between two natural jute woven nets. The components are sewn together with biodegradable cotton. It is designed for erosion protection and will last up to 12 months while providing support for vegetation establishment. Biodegradable straw blankets do not contain any synthetic materials to harm wildlife. Biodegradable straw blankets are available in one roll size 8 ft x 112.5 ft = 100 SY per roll (2.44m x 34.3m =83.6 m2 per roll) Applications: Wetland restoration Beach restoration Mild slopes Residential or commercial use Advantages : 100% biodegradable $85 per roll $75 per roll buying a pallet of 25 rolls (Prices subject to change due to fuel surcharges and inflation)


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