1st State Sunny Mix is designed to produce a high quality, resilient turf that thrives in sunny, open areas. The combination of varieties were selected to provide optimal performance and a beautiful , dense, robust and disease resistant stand. The Kentucky Bluegrass component, which comprises the majority of the mixture by seed count, contributes to excellent wear tolerance and self-repairing recover. Usage: 1st State Sunny Mix is highly recommended for use on parks, home lawns, playgrounds, and athletic fields. Performs best with full sun exposure. Components: 35% Perennial Rye 30% Perennial Rye 20% Chewing Fescue 15% Kentucky Bluegrass 3lbs - $15.00 10lbs - $45.00 25lbs - $99.00 50lbs - $195.00

$145.00 $195.00-25.64%

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