“KING OF ALL RADISH” Contains a premium daikon radish that produces leafy forage plus a very large, soil-busting taproot that aerates the soil resulting in better water absorption, increased organic matter and greater root penetration. Along with an abundance of highly nutritious leafy tops, its giant bulbs provide excellent late season, high-sugar food deer love. The special coating improves growth and health of the plant and others around it. Extremely high yielding radish that is great as a standalone or mixed with other Tecomate® seeds. Protein content: 18% to 22% Aerates soil for increased production Contains up to 50% coated, pre-inoculated seeds Extremely high yield Contents: select daikon radish seed Planting Time: all climates fall only Seeding Rate: 1 lb. plants 1/8 acre 3.25 lbs. plants 1/4 acre. 25 lbs. plants 2 1/2 acres Planting Depth: 1/8 to 1/4 inch 1 pound - $5.98 5 pounds - $25.00 10 pounds - $45.00 25 pounds - $95.00


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