Bifenthrin® 0.1% insect control is a broad spectrum ready to use granular insecticide which controls a wide variety of insects feeding above and below the ground; including but not limited to: ants, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, chinch bugs, and other lawn-damaging insects. Great way to kill insects in your lawn, mulch beds, around patios, etc. Kills surface and sub-surface insects for up to 3 months or more (depending how heavy you go) it does a contact kill every time it rains. Nice way to keep insects down for long periods of time. A granular insect control product on a HDG carrier For general turf use Bifenthrin at .1% for surface feeding insect control Please see label for specific information on pests controlled, application rates, timing and use 30lb bag covers up to half acre Keep spreader open around 10-20% ; do a test run around the perimeter first to adjust how heavy you want to apply it

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