Humic DG 40lb bag covers 20k-40k sq ft A homogeneous dispersing granule that combines pure, dry humate and humic acid precursor, Humic DG provides all of the proven benefits of humic and fulvic acids in an easy-to-use product. We combined pure, dry humate with our patented dispersing granule (DG) process to create a spherical granule that contains thousands of micro sized humate particles. Within a few minutes after watering, these micro sized Humic DG particles dissolve into the soil, immediately going to work to improve nutrient efficiency and soil conditions. Humic DG is biological, dispersible, spreadable and blendable. Biological Humic DG contains 4 biologically active components; humic acid precursor, fulvic acid, humic acid and humin. These components range from very soluble to completely insoluble in soil media, working together to provide the soil with a broad range of biological benefits, from plant available fulvic acids to the insoluble, high nutrient holding capacity of humin. Dispersible The “magic” in Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG is the dispersing granule (DG) technology, which serves to enhance humate distribution. Upon contact with water, each DG granule disperses into thousands of micro particles, which move directly into the root zone and begin working to improve the health and quality of your turf, crop or plant. Spreadable Humic DG’s uniform, spherical granules allow for ease of spreading through all standard application equipment. While competitive humic acid products are non-uniform and dusty, Humic DG’s granules are uniform, spherical and dust-free. Clean, uniform and dust free granules are easy to apply as a straight product or as part of a fertilizer blend. Humic DG contains a high concentration of organic carbon sources in a self-incorporating form. Engineered granules are highly uniform in size, with a UI of 40+. Compared to liquid humates, Humic DG provides more organic carbon, resulting in a more efficient application, saving time and money. A 40 lb/acre rate of Humic DG provides 20x more organic carbon (humic substances) than a typical liquid humate at 2 gal/acre. Humic DG and air drill seeders – a perfect match! Air drill seeder technology is the easiest, most efficient and cost effective method for incorporating humates at the time of seeding. Humic DG’s combination of superior handling characteristics with Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology make it the ideal humic acid delivery method for your crops. Blendable Humic DG’s granules are unique among dry humate products in their ability to be blended with most fertilizer components, including urea. 240 SGN (2.4 mm) sizing closely matches sizing of most fertilizer components. Ultra dry granules contain only 7-9% moisture, allowing for a dry, free flowing product and enhancing stability of the blend. Humic DG granules are engineered to resist attrition in handling and blending. With an RTA of 90%, Humic DG is superior to mined humates, and results in dust-free, free-flowing blends.


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