ERVA CATALOG (copy the above link and paste it in a new window) We do carry a lot of ERVA poles and accessories in store, we can also order anything from the above catalog and have it here same week. Thanks ! Welcome to the magnificent world of bird watching, we sell the best feeders and accessories we can get our hands on, dealing with local American companies, making top quality bird feeders and accessories. Most of our accessories such as pole setups and all the accessories come from Erva manufacturer, they've been in business since 1967. Virtually everything is made in Chicago Illinois, with American made materials and American human resources. I'm proud to say they have been making things for over 50 years! Products made so well they can be passed down the family and used for generations. We do carry a lot of their products in store, but there's plenty to choose from in their catalog. If you'd like to make a special order from the Erva Catalog please call the store and ask for Gary, or email your order to ERVA CATALOG

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