Description Athena Bloom is a simple and clean 2-part formula designed for the flowering stage of growth for fruit and flower-producing plants. We blend top of the line macronutrients and chelated micronutrients to achieve greater nutrient uptake ability across a wider pH range in any combination of grow method, water-type and media. This 2-part blended liquid formula should be used in equal amounts during the flowering phase to stimulate the rapid onset of bud production, increase flowering sites, and promote high-quality yields. Formulas are sediment free and are compatible with all dosing and irrigation systems including fine dripper heads. Small amounts of micro-particles are occasionally visible in some conditions but will not affect mineral balance or system compatibility. Application Rates Add 2-7 mL of Athena Bloom A per gallon of water during the flowering phase. See Feed Schedules for specific application recommendations. Best Practices Shake well before use. Use clean measuring instruments--do not put anything into the bottle. Always use equal parts of Athena Bloom A & B to maintain proper mineral ratios. Monitor EC regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop and growth stage. Adjust pH to proper levels after mixing all fertilizers and additives. Do not combine in undiluted form. Store closed in original packaging at a temperature between 45° F and 85° F.

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