Black Gypsum w/21% Humic Acid - 50lb bag covers 10k-20k sq ft Black Gypsum DG granules are homogenous and combine natural gypsum and humic substances to form a unique bio-amendment. DG Technology creates a dust-free, spherical, ultra-dry granule that rapidly disperses into thousands of microparticles upon contact with moisture. These microparticles deliver calcium, sulfur, and carbon directly into the soil. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Contains calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO₄ • 2H₂O) Water soluble Increases calcium and sulfur without changing soil pH Humic acid from oxidized lignite (leonardite) Improves root development, nutrient uptake, and phosphorus stability Provides secondary nutrients (calcium and sulfur) Enhances soil health by stimulating soil microbial populations and relieving compaction and salinity Blends with fertilizer or can be used alone


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