6-12-6 +Solu-Cal with AQUA and INTENSIFY is a special formulation of starter fertilizer & soluble Calcium, complexed with Aqua­Ca multifunctional infiltration and hydration soil surfactant, plus INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst. The complete product delivers the following benefits: • Solu­Cal supplies essential soluble Calcium to the soil for proper pH adjustment • Provides an ideal source of essential N­P­K Starter Fertilizer nutrients • Multi­directional infiltration & hydration soil surfactant increases soil moisture movement & retention on the soil surface and in the root zone • Probiotic delivers a wide range of beneficial bacteria and fungi to reduce nutrient requirements • Promotes nutrient availability & efficiency • Enhances beneficial microbial activity May be applied to a wide variety of turf grasses, including newly seeded areas and existing turf. Solu-Cal 6-12-6 PLUS may be soil incorporated at planting time, or top dressed when turf is growing. 50lb bag covers 10k sq ft. 4-8 bags per acre depending how heavy you want to apply it. I recommend 4-5 bags per acre $40.00 per bag 5+ $37.00 per bag 10+ $35.00 per bag (PALLET PRICING AVAILABLE, CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICE)


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