21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione is a homogeneous starter fertilizer granule impregnated with 0.08% Mesotrione herbicide. About Mesotrione No other product has the weed control spectrum of Mesotrione, which suppresses many of the most troublesome pre and post-emergence grassy and broadleaf weeds, allowing new turf seedlings to thrive. Mesotrione is based on a naturally-occurring compound that inhibits photosynthesis in susceptible plants. It is absorbed by plants through the roots, shoots, and leaves, allowing sunlight to destroy the chlorophyll and bleaching susceptible weeds. This bleaching typically occurs within a week of application, killing weeds and allowing desirable turf to recover after several weeks. Primary weeds controlled by Mesotrione include: Crabgrass Yellow woodsorrel Chickweed Buckhorn plantain Hairy bittercress Dandelion Clover Weeds NOT controlled by Mesotrione include: Sedges Poa annua This unique combination of starter fertilizer and Mesotrione herbicide is ideal for use during turf establishment, renovation or overseeding to control selected grassy and broadleaf weeds while providing a high-quality starter fertilizer to promote seedling germination and rapid establishment. 21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione homogeneous 135 SGN granules are engineered to provide excellent coverage, with up to 6.5 particles per square inch at the typical rate. This compares to less than 2 particles per square inch for standard large particle combination products. This enhanced particle coverage provides a more uniform application of both fertilizer and herbicide, resulting in superior performance. Wholesale pricing is available

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